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ASSL wins the Bill Zalud Memorial Award from the International Foundation for Protection Officers (IFPO)

January 2018

In August, the International Foundation for Protection Officers, in conjunction with Security Magazine, announced the inaugural Bill Zalud Memorial Award for Professional Excellence, an award that recognizes one security professional or an organization for professional excellence or outstanding service in the security profession.

Now the nominations have been cast, the selection team has voted and with that, a winner has emerged: Amalgamated Security Services.

"Bill Zalud, an IFPO Board Member for many years and an outstanding security professional, was a strong advocate for the need to offer educational opportunities to our industry would applaud your efforts," IFPO Sandi Davies wrote in a letter to Amalgamated. The award bears Bill's name because of his deep dedication to the security industry, covering and shaping it for more than three decades.

On its application for the award, Amalgamated detailed its dedication to continuing education for its employees, including IFPO courses. "To date, ASSL can boast that 160 of our employees are IFPO certified with varying certifications to include SSMP, CSSM, CPO and CPOI. We ultimately aim to encourage and nurture employees into building a career in security, to become qualified security professionals. In 2016/2017 our organization launched an in-house Security Supervisor Training Program (SSTP) and upon successful completion, all candidates were enrolled in the SSMP and CSSM programs. Of the 15 candidates enrolled in the SSMP, all were successful and 14 of those candidates went on to do the CSSM program, again, with 100% success."

"It does not end there, recently, the organization constructed and developed an e-learning platform whereby employees can pursue courses ranging from leadership, etiquette, customer service, health & safety, information technology, soft skills and much more. On inception into the organization, employees are being introduced to this platform and encouraged to pursue these courses which will enhance their opportunity for growth and transition up the ranks. All professional certifications and academia pursued by an employee attributes to his/her likelihood for promotion through the ranks from a Security Officer to an Executive level."

Congratulations to Amalgamated Security Services Limited!


ASSL Manager becomes Certified Polygraph Examiner

Amalgamated Security Services proudly welcomes back Mr. Melvin Aberdeen who has graduated from the American International Institute of Polygraph, Stockbridge, Georgia as Certified Polygraph Examiner. Mr. Aberdeen who is the head of the Investigations Department at ASSL is the holder of a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Business Management and is a Certified Protection Professional plus an NRA Certified Firearm Instructor. Mr. Aberdeen now adds Certified Polygraph Examiner to his credentials.


Michael Aboud gets Honorary Doctorate

Michael Aboud, Chairman of Amalgamated Security Services Limited, has been awarded an honorary doctorate in Innovation and Entrepreneurship by the University of Trinidad and Tobago.


ASSL assists in Hurricane Relief

Earlier in 2017 Amalgamated Security commenced operations in Antigua joining Trinidad and Tobago, Barbados, Grenada, Guyana, and St Lucia and adding to the growing list of Caribbean countries now served by the Company. Hurricanes Irma and Maria have definitely brought untold hardship to many Caribbean countries. In Antigua, because of the widespread destruction on the island of Barbuda from Hurricane Irma, the Government evacuated all the residents from the island to Antigua in advance of the arrival of Hurricane Maria. Corporate citizens plus the general public have responded in providing relief and assistance where possible to the hurricane ravaged islands. Amalgamated Security is presently playing a part in that assistance by providing security officers free of charge at one of the shelters that the Antiguan Government has created for the residents of Barbuda.


Regional Development Director Interview at 5 Year Awards Function


ASSL donates Forensic Kit to Royal St Lucia Police Force

During a ceremony at the Royal St. Lucia Police Force’s Headquarters on January 18, 2016 a ‘Forensic Latent Fingerprint Kit’ was handed over to St. Lucia’s Acting Commissioner of Police Errol Alexander and his crime scene experts by Dr. Maurice Aboud, Chief Forensic & Criminalistic Officer at ASSL and Lab Director at Caribbean Forensic Services Limited. Commissioner Alexander highlighted that the ‘Forensic Latent Fingerprint Kit’ was specifically selected by RSLPF’s experts to complement the current crime scene armoury. St. Lucia’s ACP Crime Milton Desir stated that there is no doubt that this vital tool will enhance the crime scene investigative capabilities of the Royal Saint Lucia Police Force. Dr. Aboud affirmed that this kit will be useful indeed to collect evidence in a manner in which such evidence can be upheld in court and lead to conviction. (In St. Lucia ASSL operates as ‘Alternative Security Services Limited’.)


Inspector Eddie Monlouis wins Caribbean Top Crime Fighter Award

Inspector Eddie Monlouis of the Royal St Lucia Police Force was adjudged the winner of the Caribbean Top Crime Fighter Award at the 2015 ASSL/ACCP Regional Recognition Awards. This awards program is a joint program of ASSL and the Association of Caribbean Commissioners of Police and is aimed at recognizing the efforts of Police Forces throughout the Caribbean.



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